I finally quit teaching. And I am so much happier. – Tiffany Connolly –

It wasn’t the kids. It wasn’t the act of teaching. It was the politics of teaching that made me quit after 10 years. I resigned from my full-time teaching job at the end of the 2018 school year to start a writing business (read: to make way less money and be totally insecure financially). Even though I’m living off spaghetti and toast, my days are so much more fulfilling. I apologize in advance to the teachers who may read this and think that I am an entitled adult who doesn’t want to put the

I knew it would end in divorce. I married him anyway.

Happily married doesn’t exist when you are with an alcoholic. I knew that — but I still tried. I didn’t cry out of happiness when he proposed. I didn’t cry at our wedding (and I cry at every wedding). I didn’t even want to write/say vows. So we didn’t. Throughout our engagement I remember thinking, we can always get divorced. But every time I had that thought, I pushed it away, and tried to have a positive attitude — somehow I was going to make this work. Why did I marry a man I didn’t love?

Get more customers by blogging on your small business website

According to The Statistics Portal, there are over 30 million active bloggers that post new content at least once a month. The reason? Blogging serves a very functional purpose within a cohesive marketing strategy. If you are a small business and are looking for a relatively easy way to get more clients, you should seriously consider adding a blog to your website. Google likes websites that are updated and modified. It tells them that your website is relevant to a user’s search. It also gives y

Summer Camp at Conecta Preschool

You might be wondering if summer camp is the right choice for your family. While every child and family has unique needs, the benefits that your child receives from continuing their social and emotional education through the summer months are huge. Young children’s brains are developing at a rapid rate. Summer camp solidifies and develops a variety of developmental skills that are necessary for sustained intellectual growth. Here are some of the ways your child will benefit from attending Conecta’s summer camp for preschoolers.

Moms Take Action

A group of North Lake Tahoe mothers are banding together and taking action in response to the epidemic of school gun violence. In the wake of the Parkland, FL school shooting, Dana Dose, of Tahoe Vista, CA, posted a call-out to other moms on the “Mamas of Truckee/Tahoe” Facebook page in search of resources and support. She was looking to launch a local chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a national volunteer group of concerned men and women working to promote responsible gun ownership and legislation.

Conecta Preschool Web Copy

Our program prepares your preschooler for Kindergarten by honoring their natural inquisitiveness. At Conecta, our focus is on sustaining and building relationships. The interactions children have with each other, the environment (indoor and outdoor), the teachers, and the parents are all a part of the web that develops the whole child. Children learn a great deal when given the freedom to interact with their surroundings. Careful observation by the teachers provide the next steps in learning. It is a holistic approach to Early Childhood Education in which the independent parts make up a greater whole.

Lanscape Architect

From research to conceptual design to on-site project management, High West Landscape Architects are licensed and qualified to complete master planning and public projects with a focus on environmental welfare through all phases of the building and design process. They are passionate about creating sustainable, interactive, and beautiful spaces that allow Lake Tahoe and Truckee locals and visitors to appreciate the surrounding space in a way that is thoughtful and pure.

8 Ways to Write Effective Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. With over 1 billion daily users, Facebook is a no-brainer when it comes to reaching your target audience. Want more people clicking through your website? Utilize these 8 tips to turn friends into customers. Do your research. Who is buying your product or service? Are they men or women? What is their age group? Modify your tone and voice to reach this audience. Real estate agents will write in a much more formal way than, say, a

Biographies for Kacy Roeder and Christy Lyle

Christy Lyle has the unique capability to combine her love of the natural landscape with her artistic endeavors. Her personal and professional ventures have allowed her to express herself by using the earth as a medium for form, function, and inspiration. Looking to utilize her creativity within her career, Christy attended Colorado State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture.

Serving Truckee & Lake Tahoe

Although our Telehandlers do not replace the need of a crane in certain instances, we are more than capable of moderate beam sets, stacking rafters & trusses, assisting in installing windows, and so much more. Multiple attachments are available for our machines, including jibs and Osha approved man baskets. *Our service frees up employees so they can work on other projects and relieves the contractor of liability on a machine rental. Along with hourly rates, we have daily and weekly rates avai

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